Introducing The Development History Of Luxury Breitling Superocean Replica Watches UK

Breitling released the first “Super Ocean” in 1957, which was water resistant to a depth of 200 meters, meanwhile, it was the brand’s first model adopted with the logo of “B”. Since then the Super Ocean started its journey.

The first Superocean was released in 1957.
Black Dial Breitling Superocean Fake Watch In 1957

However, the fate of popular copy Breitling Superocean was not going well for the quartz storm was combing at that time. Breitling suffered a lot of shocks during that time and the Superocean collection was also discontinued. It didn’t recover till 1995, however, it was classified into the collection of Colt and its name became “Colt Super Ocean”. From the picture you will see that the appearance of the new Super Ocean had been entirely changed, which was water resistant to 1000 meters, offering greater durability too.

Till 2000, its name was changed to “Super Ocean” again and it had nothing to do with Colt any more. In 2005, the Super Ocean Steelfish was born in the word with the newly designed dial. It was regret that the Steelfish was suspended in 2010, instead the new Super Ocean with new design was launched which didn’t look better than Steelfish.

The Breitling Superocean Heritage II is quite different from Superocean.
Black Ceramic Bezel Replica Breitling

In 2015, Breitling released the SuperoceanII, returning the same design of model released in 1995. With the aluminum bezel and the Colt styled dial, the integrated design of the new model looked like a regular diving watch which was less of strength and power. Referring to Superocean, I have to talk something about the Superocean Heritage which has the quite different design with Superocean. The integrated design of the former one is simple while the latter is quite complicated. From the picture you will find that the Breitling knockoff watch with stainless steel bracelet looks vintage and elegant. In summary, the confusion of Superocean has been caused by the historic problem.

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