Replica Watches Breitling for Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon Chronograph UK

If you can get a car in green, yellow or black, what color do you choose? Black. Why? Because black is badass. Pair that black with a Bentley, and you are ready to thrown down, 0 to 60 (or 0 to 100 km/h) in a flash, drag race at the next stop light against whatever oversized muffler attached to a four cylinder happens to be handy, not because you are looking to race, who does that in a Bentley, but because you happen to step on the gas pedal when the light turns green. Such ennui. Pair that black with UK Replica Breitling’s Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon Chronograph, and you might as well buy the tuxedo instead of rent it because now you are the badass.


Breitling for Bentley (BfB), the marriage of the winged Bs, is a longstanding partnership designed to highlight prestige, performance and excellence. Ever since 2003 when two Bentley Speed 8s took first and second place in the 24 hours of LeMans, these two brands have celebrated the passion of motorsport. All of these watches are Chronometer COSC certified, and the Cheap Fake Breitling Caliber 25B UK (base movement ETA 2892) in this limited edition watch is no exception. The knurled bezel is designed to mimic the Bentley’s radiator grill, and this motif continues along the black rubber strap. These two belong together.



When it comes to going fast, UK Replica Breitling Watches for Bentley is up to the challenge. Breitling’s iconic Navitimer with its E6B slide rule gave pilots a flight computer for a host of calculations. In similar fashion, the Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon has an over-qualified tachymeter. Most tachymeters are fixed and measure speed in terms of sixty seconds.Sale Replica Breitling Watches UK uses a rotating bezel in what it calls a variable tachometer, a subtle shift to automobile terminology, which can calculate average speeds whatever the time elapsed, the distance covered or the speed reached. No matter how fast, this watch can measure it.


Let’s talk about speed. One, the automatic 25B movement is a high frequency movement at 28,800 vibrations per hour. Two, thanks to a 1926 patent, this watch’s central seconds hand sweeps at thirty seconds instead of the standard sixty seconds, giving accurate readings to 1/8th of a second. These thirty seconds are marked in red on the dial.

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