Vintage Friday – Some Classic Replica Breitling Chronographs UK

Recent meeting at our vacation breakfast table overlooking the bay of Grignano …Replica Breitling Chronographs for sale.

Replica Breitling

The last execution of one of Breitling’s proudest model lines, the replica watches Breitling Premier ref. 765 – launched in 1939 for civil & military aviation use, it remained in production until 1966, with only very minor changes to the screwback case design since the very early 1950s; this is one of the last examples known, a black dial edition for AOPA, the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association.

Replica Breitling-

Sharing the same Venus cal. 178 calibers, the TopTime ref. 810 line was introduced in 1964 – basesd on an EPSA Piquerez steel monocoque case, milled out of a luxury fake Breitling single chunk of stainless steel, the movement had to be inserted from the dial side, this variation only stayed in production until 1967.

Replica Breitling_

some wristshots to sum it up – both huge for their times with a diameter of 38.2mm…. and still quite attractive.

Replica Breitling__

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